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Our Pathways

All pupils will study the full range of subjects:

English, Mathematics, Science, Food, Humanities, Art, PE and Personal Development Curriculum.

Time allocated is balanced across subjects to ensure pupils receive a broad provision that allows them to make the best possible choices for their studies at Key Stage 4 and ensure transition back to mainstream schools. There is a focus on English and Mathematics to ensure that rapid progress is made in literacy and numeracy, facilitating access to the rest of the curriculum, including all GCSE courses. 

Schemes of learning actively promote the constructive use of ICT and embed enterprise and skills into pupils’ learning (supported by the LORIC skills developed through the PIXL Edge programme). They include a series of knowledge, skills and understanding statements against which progress can be measured, as well as a clear indication of where progress will be assessed and improvements to learning made.

Option subjects include all the subjects in the table below plus Art, Photography, Geography, OCR PE, Food and Nutrition. Pupils will also study English Literature. Statistics, Additional English and Maths support, and BTEC courses are also offered, according to the needs of the cohort. Additionally pupils who have transferred from mainstream will be supported to continue their studies in languages and other GCSE subjects depending on the time of their transition into EOTAS.

Fundamentally we believe that all EOTAS pupils should aspire to complete the core subjects and three appropriate option choices. However, a small number of pupils may benefit from further literacy and/or numeracy support rather than completing four full options, and this will be organised on a case-by-case basis to personalise their experience. 

An important aspect of the KS4 PSHE and Careers programme will focus on transition to post-16 options. We are committed to providing our pupils with impartial information, advice and guidance about the best post-16 options available to them. All KS4 pupils will engage in a transition support programme to ensure that best provision in achieved post 16.

Schemes of learning will essentially be based around GCSE knowledge and skills, but will include opportunities to make the very most of the available ICT and embed enterprise skills into pupils’ learning. 

Prior Attainment / Baseline Data

Pupils prior attainment data such as SATS - or those who were able to access national tests. 

KS2 Score 95+ 

Reading, spelling and comprehension age that is similar to chronological age

Pupils who have prior attainment data such as SATs -or those who were able to access national tests.

KS2 Score of 80 - 95

Reading, spelling and comprehension age is slightly lower to chronological age by 3 or more years.

Pupils who have either no prior attainment data such as SATS - or those were unable to access national tests.

Reading, spelling and comprehension level is significantly lower than chronological age by 5 or more years.

Depends on the cognitive ability of the pupils and their starting point/age at the alternative provision - usually varied.


Core: English, English Literature, Mathematics, PSHE, SMSC, SLCN, Careers.
Options: PE, Art, Science, Food Technology, Geography/History, ICT, SWEET, Statistics

Core: English and Mathematics, PSHE, SLCN, Careers.


Motor Vehicles - Wiltshire College pre 16 Motor Vehicles - Wiltshire College pre 16 N/A



Pixl Edge: Apprentice, Graduate, Master

Entry Level

Pixl Edge: Apprentice

Entry Level
F Skills

Expected Progress

2 - 3 sub grades of progress / 1 whole grade of progress in one academic year


2 sub grades of progress in one academic year


1 sub grade in one academic year / or gains in reading, spelling, SALT age

Progress will be measured by one or more of the following: 

Grades of progress, improved attendance, behaviour, engagement in education. 
On track for post 16 provision


Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative, Communication