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IEB Interim Executive Board

Welcome from the Chair - Patrick Cummings

Welcome to EOTAS from the Interim Executive Board.  The Interim Executive Board acts in the same way as a governing body.  We are a team of volunteers committed to supporting the staff and students within EOTAS to achieve the best for all within its community. We uphold the EOTAS values and want every child, irrespective of background, fulfil their potential through the best education possible.

This voluntary work is highly valued and extremely important to the service and children of Swindon.  We work with leaders to make sure we continue to provide the highest standards of provision and hold high expectations for the quality of education.  This all leads to better choices and better lives.

The Interim Executive Board is always looking for additional members from the community to serve on the committee and act as a critical friend to the staff and the service. 

Please contact the clerk of the Interim Executive Board if you need further information.