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Examinations Autumn 2021

Autumn Exams 2021

Provision has been made for any student who has received a result for GCSE in summer 2021 to sit an examination in the Autumn term of 2021.

Art and Design:  If you wish to take an Art qualification in the Autumn term the external task will be available on the 13th of August and must be submitted by the 23rd of October.

This includes Photography, Design, and Graphics.

GCSE Geography: If you wish to take GCSE Geography in the Autumn term be aware that there is additional material that will be released to you so that you can make your preparation to sit this paper.

I am no longer at EOTAS, can I request to take exams in Autumn?

Yes, you can request to take the exams at Fernbrook, Riverside or Oakfield even if you have gone on to another School or College. 

Autumn GCSE Timetables

Exam boards have posted their timetables for GCSE on their websites. The AQA timetable is available at the bottom of this page.

 GCSE exams will commence on the 1st of November and run up until the 3rd of December.

Results for GCSE English Language and Maths will be posted on the 13th of January

All other GCSE subjects’ results will be posted on the 24th of February

Please email if you would like to be entered for any examinations in the Autumn series.

The deadline for request is 3 pm Friday September 24 2021

Any requests after this date will be subject to late entry fees