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About Us


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. My name is Juliette Baldwin, I am the Head teacher and would like to welcome you to EOTAS.

EOTAS comprises of four sites; Fernbrook College, Oakfield College, Riverside College including Medical and the Adolescent Unit Marlborough House.

Children and Young People come to EOTAS for intervention when they require support in managing their behaviour, or when they are persistently unable to attend their mainstream school placement. This can often be at a point of personal crisis or where their underlying needs haven’t yet been identified. Through the provision of a safe and secure environment, an experienced and supportive staff team, a flexible curriculum and proactive working with schools, parents and carers we aim to get these Children and Young people back on track.

I am passionate about the difference education can make to Children and Young People’s futures. Whilst with EOTAS, empowering children and removing any obstacles is important to me to ensure that they can move onto their next setting successfully.

If you would like to hear more about the work we do, please contact us via the contact details shared in the following link Contact us - eotas Swindon

Juliette Baldwin

Head teacher