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Referral Form

Confidential EOTAS Referral Form

Please ensure you have the relevant documents available to include on the final page of this form.
This includes:
1) FAP Referral Front Sheet
2) EHR (updated in the last 6 months)
2b) Data Disclosure Consent Form
3) FAP Special Educational Needs Form
4) EHCP Early Health Care Plan
5) EHCP Education & Health Care Plan
6) Letter from a medical consultant (only required for referrals requesting medical tuition from H&HES)
7) Educational Psychologist Report
8) Part time timetable - a copy of the agreement to be included in the referral
9) Current Curriculum / Achievements / Report
10) Summary of behaviour log(s)
11) Current and previous years attendance sheet
12) Pex Evidence
13) Summary of FTE - Reasons and dates (letters not required)